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Workshop Gallery

Holiday Holistic Expo 

December 15, 2019

Linda Masiello 

Noon-12:30 PM

Linda will be discussing the amazing and wonderful benefits of "Happy Coffee, Elevate" and its wonderful anti-inflammatory properties.


Anjoli Chadha 

1:00-1:30 PM  

30 minute workshop on the sacred art of Sentient Dance and Movement. Stay tuned for full schedule of workshops!


Justin Mitchelli 

1:30-2:00 PM    

Free Your Mind, Find Your Purpose

In this workshop we will learn that by freeing the mind of that which blocks us, stops us, and hinders us, we can step into a space of clarity and confidence, where our spirit can come alive and guide us in stepping into our purpose. Purpose is something that extends past jobs, careers or professions and taps into something deeper within our heart & soul. It's personal, it's a mission. It's a calling that connects to our creative abilities and the connections we have with others. There is a phrase which says, "we didn't come into this life to be employed, we came into this life to be deployed". The world, now more than ever, calls for individuals who are courageous enough to discover and ignite the flame of their spirit, become who they truly are, and share gifts with the collective.


We will be going over the matrix of the mind which includes the conditioning of thoughts & perspectives, patterns & habits, burdens & blockages, fears & worries. We'll also examine what it looks like to live a life of pressure and doubt vs a life of freedom and creativity. We all have gifts, talents, skills, and abilities - it's our right to come to know them, to realize our potential, and to step into possibility. The best way to create true transformation within ourselves, our lives, as well as our planet is coming back to our core inner self and discover the purpose as to why we're truly here.


Crystal Randhir Priya

2:00-2:30 PM

Find out what Ancient Sacred Egyptian Soul Matrix is about. And how De-Coding of your Soul’s Divine Blueprint could change your perceptions about yourself & others, and help you in this transformational time.

Blanca Beyar, Special Afterlife Presentation 

2:30- 4 PM Registration is required, $44 

Internationally known Medium-Guru Blanca Beyar will open a bridge to connect loved ones with the Afterlife.  

Angela Gaudioso-Klein

4:00-5:00 PM 

CBD Holistically Speaking”

Discover the what , where , when, how and why’s of this mysteriously miraculous and very seriously  misunderstood plant. In this thought provoking informational packed hour, Heavenly Hemp Founder Angela Gaudioso-Klein will be sharing her personal healing experiences, discoveries and knowledge that led her to create Heavenly Hemp CBD Oil in dedication to helping others to achieve their wellness goals.

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