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About Us

The Staten Island Expos began as an "experiment." In December of 2015, 16 beautiful Light-workers and myself gathered to create the first SI Holistic Expo. Inspired by one of my beloved ones, Karen Riley, we were utterly surprised to witness the response to the event. Hence, the birthing of a beautiful and sacred foundation for Light-workers and Holistic Presenters to come together.with the purpose of serving the greater community.  

Since then, we have held 16 successful expos, each one unique and special and grander than the last. The expansion in both presenter-ship and attendance.has been a major key of success for our expos. In addition, our Holistic expos are successful because of the dedicated commitment and authenticity of our presenters as well as their integrity for the presentation and delivery of their expertise in the Holistic and Spiritual arenas. 

As our expansion and commitment to offer a platform for education, a holistic experience and a safe environment for self-development, we have been inspired to expand our 'Name" to Universal Holistic Expos because our collective vision is to expand beyond our main hub in Staten Island and to carry our collective energies to other communities. We hope you are inspired to join us.  

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